Tinaga Beach Resort Philippines

Property investment on
Philippines #1 Beach

Island Investment

Your chance to own equity in an island beach resort. A property investment in a stunning white sand island resort, via the blockchain security. Voted one of the best beaches in the  Philippines.

Open to all International investors and accredited U.S. Investors. Limited sale from now until March 12th, 2021.

Our Token Model


TIRC will provide equity in the asset and an ongoing value proposition to our token holders.
Read our ‘Bamboo Paper’ to understand our business model.
In summary, we aim to drive both the token value and solid returns to our token holders in the following ways:

Market Cap and Valuation

The initial market cap is $21M. The land valuation is $8.40M.

 Our STO aims to raise $12.6M to build the  resort. 


Once we have secured a 5-star hotel operator, a renowned architect and built the resort, the asset will have a valuation of approximately $125M-$145M. Your ownership via TIRC token is a pro-rata of this valuation. Revenues will be made by pre-sale of the villas and revenues from hotel operations.

Token Income

Revenue returns will commence from December 2021 by the off-plan private sales of the luxury villas. 

In the first stage, approximately 25 villas will generate about $12.5M, while the second stage will generate another $25M in sales revenue. The net income from these sales will be shared pro-rata with token holders.

Driving Token Value

From the outset, we will drive value in the token by revealing partners (architects, interior designers, etc.), adding digital exchanges to trade the token, revealing the ‘green paper’, 5-star hotel management company and a host of other announcements.  Since purchasing the underlying asset, beach property, its value has appreciated exponentially.  We envisage such a high-quality asset to continue this trend.

Resort Operations

The Tinaga Luxury Resort will begin operations in approximately December 2024. Once operational, the token will generate profit from the hotel operations.



Ownership in TIRC Tokens allows both ownership in the asset and to enjoy income from

the sale of villas, hotel operations, and the appreciating real estate asset value as we secure hotel operators, architects, interior designers, etc.
Listen to a recent Podcast by FullyCrypto with Tinaga Resorts Founder, Daniel McKinney to learn more

After purchasing your tokens:  You simply need to download a wallet (we recommend the IOS or Android versions) ***RAVENCOIN WALLET*** https://ravencoin.org/wallet/

After the purchase process from our website, you will be asked to insert your Ravencoin wallet address.  Your TIRC tokens will be sent to this address two weeks after purchase.

For institutional investors (we can accept wire remittances to our USA corporate bank account) please contact: Daniel (WhatsApp) +1 702 827 8822 [email protected]

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The Investment

Security Token (STO)

(TIRC) security tokens provide benefits for investors thanks to a superior asset universe, enhanced liquidity (trade/post-trade) and fractional ownership opportunities.

TIRC token sales are on sale now at US$0.20 per token, until March 12, 2021.  Minimum purchase is $500 and there is no maximum (unless sold out).  A total of $1,000,000 is allocated for Pre-sale discount.

For institutional investors (we can accept wire remittances to our USA corporate bank account) please contact: Daniel (WhatsApp) +1 702 827 8822 [email protected]




We aim to build continual value into the TIRC token price with ongoing progress on the development, adding digital exchanges for liquidity, and unlocking income via the pre-sales of the villas to the market. Each token holder is a equity holder in the asset and shares in the revenue stream pro-rata to their holdings.

October 28, 2020
December 15, 2020
Until Feb 28th
March 1st, 2021
April, 2021
June, 2021
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May | June, 2021
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September, 2021
October, 2021
November, 2021
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December, 2021 – December 2023
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How To Acquire TIRC Tokens

(TIRC) Security Tokens will be pre-sold via our website from now, until March 12, 2021. The price is 0.20 cents and the minimum purchase is $500.

After that, TIRC token will be available at 0.20 cents from our website until we go live with our first confirmed registered exchange in Q2, 2021.

Token Prices
Discounted Pre-sale 

Pre-Sale Period @ 0.20 cents per TIRC token
Minimum purchase $500 of TIRC (No maximum) 
Public Sale: until March 12, 2021 @ 0.20 cents


Existing Land Owners

40 MIllion


2 MIllion

Design Team

1 Million

Public Sale @ 0.20 cents

43 Million

Team Incentives

2 MIllion

Advisors | Consultants

2 MIllion

Pre-Sale @ 0.10 cents

10 Million

Public Sale @ 0.20 cents

43 Million TIRC Tokens

Check out the natural beauty of the Philippines #1 beach

Data Room: Valuation, Deeds, Corporate Docs.

This is the most recent independent valuation of Tinaga Island Resort. Originally purchased in 2007, Tinaga Island Resort is owned 100% by Tinaga Resorts Corporation (established 2006). This valuation is US$8.4 Million. Via our Securitized Token Offering “STO” we are raising $12.60 million for the development of a 5-star beach resort. The total investment is US$21 Million. TIRC Token holders own pro-rata ownership in the actual asset. Income for token holders will be generated by pre-sale of the villas, and revenues from operations. The company has no debt. In June, 2021 we will announce the architect and an experienced 5-star hotel management group that we will appoint for the project. Our first exchange will be added April 2021 or earlier. See our Roadmap.
***Our ‘Bamboo Paper***
is now available in the ‘Latest News’ section.

Legal opinion Tinaga
Island Resort

Tinaga Beach Resort -
Lot 32 title

Company Secretary Token Authorisation

STO Legal Opinion

Lot 32 Site Map

Cadlao Art of Incorp.

Tinaga name change docs

Certificate of Registration

Valuation Report Tinaga Island Beach-Lot3

Overseas STO Buyers
Legal Opinion


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Security Tokens & The Blockchain

Land is 100% secured

Tinaga Resorts Corporation (TIRC) a company registered for over 15-years, owns the land and existing resort outright. The land is unencumbered and fully-owned. The Tinaga Island Resort (TIRC) Token is linked 100% to TIRC and the titles. The company documents, land titles, registered surveyor plans etc. will all be added to the blockchain and linked via IPFS to every TIRC token on the Ravencoin Blockchain, thus providing an immutable record of your ownership of Lot 32 and assets therein.

Capital Appreciation

This unique island beachfront property has much upside. Since acquiring the land, we have seen phenomenal growth in the valuation of this property. By developing the land with a world-class resort, we will drive more value, appreciation and recurring income of the underlying asset. Income sources will include sales of the luxury villas, income from the hotel operations, and special events held at the resort.


We will engage a leading hotel design firm to create a stunning 5-star luxury resort in bamboo. The initial 'look and feel' design phase will be completed by Q3 2021. Once the designs are finalised, (see roadmap), we will then tender the project to build the resort over a 24 to 30 month period. The resort will be managed by a proven 5-star management company. The project will drive returns for all token holders via the pre-sale of the villas and on-going hotel revenues once the project is built.

Why the Blockchain?

The blockchain is an immutable and hack-proof manner to register ownership of an asset. Tying the asset owner, 'Tinaga Resorts Corporation, to the (TIRC) security token allows small to large investors to safely invest in a real estate asset. The (RVN) Ravencoin blockchain (https://raven.wiki/w/Ravencoin_Wiki) offers a ledger for the transactions so we don’t need third parties to have their own, or third parties to reach holders. We can do it all directly and transparently.

Resale of Tokens

Apart from the security of owning the underlying asset on the blockchain, transferring the asset or part thereof is up to you. You are free to transfer or sell your (TIRC) tokens to whomever you wish. At a later stage, we will also be listing on a secondary digital exchange market with numerous gateways so you can trade your assets.

Ownership Made Easy

Blockchain technology makes it easier and safer than ever to own quality real estate. Own a slice of an island resort beachfront property from just US$500. Each (TIRC) security token will have hash added in the meta data field of the STO asset.

To start: Download a ***RAVENCOIN WALLET*** (https://ravencoin.org/wallet) then purchase from our website.

Can I also pay via Digital Currency?

Yes. We accept ETH, BTC & US$ payments on this website.
The pre-sale is available until February 28th, 2021, or once the 1 million pre-sale allocation of TIRC tokens are sold-out. Once sold-out, we shall move to Public sale where the tokens will trade at 0.20 cents.

Security Tokens (STO)

(TIRC) security tokens provide benefits for investors thanks to a superior asset universe, enhanced liquidity (trade/post-trade), and fractional ownership opportunities.  TIRC token sales (with limited 50% pre-listing discount) will go on sale from now, until February 28, 2021, or until the allocation of $1,000,000 is sold out. The minimum purchase is $500 and there is no maximum.

Compliance (US Investors)

In the United States, to be considered an accredited investor, one must have a net worth of at least $1,000,000, excluding the value of one's primary residence. Alternatively, an investor can have an income of at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or $300,000 combined income if married) and expect to make the same amount this year. We allow US-Accredited investors and any International investors.

Why TIRC Tokens?

Island Property Leaders

Tinaga Resorts Corporation (incorporated in 2006) is a proven leader in island asset ownership in the Philippines with assets of over US$100 million and over 15 years of experience. We have a proven track record of securing consistent capital gains for our stakeholders. Request to see a copy of an independent valuation report. Your investment in TIRC represents actual pro-rata ownership of the underlying asset. Read our 'Bamboo Paper' in the 'Latest News' section. This paper outlines our business model.

Security Token

Tinaga Resorts Corporation is a progressive company that is using Blockchain technology (see: https://raven.wiki/w/Ravencoin_Wiki) to securely allow both small and large investors to enjoy ownership and returns in a major island resort development.

Download your ***Ravencoin Wallet*** from: https://ravencoin.org/wallet/
View: 'TinagaIslandResort' (TIRC) on the blockchain:

Every TIRC token will enjoy equity ownership in the actual asset. The following legal deed and documents is linked by decentralized IPFS document proving your ownership. https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmPNY16Xrzu8WpumnRSbCN9n8d7GZpniHhy94MDxT1kFMb

Latest News, Podcasts & More

For Media and/or Investor Relations inquiries:  

Dennis Burns

Telegram: t.me/tinagaislandresortchat

Email: [email protected]garesorts.com


Tel +1 (567) 237-4132