What is it?

 We own one of the most beautiful beach-front island properties in the Philippines.
In fact, the beach our property is on, 
was voted the #1 beach in the Philippines
by PWC in their Philippines GEM’s report.

Tokenised Asset

This beach-front property was tokenised on the Ravencoin Blockchain.  This means, the entire property asset
was tied to the ‘Tinagaislandresort’ token – which we call ‘TIRC’ for short.
Now, anyone can own this elite property.

Ownership via Tokens

Now, anyone who buys the ‘TinagaIslandResort’ (TIRC) token, is a pro-rata owner of this incredible asset.
The legal ownership documents are tied to the actual token.  Click here:

From the token sales, we are going to build a world-class environmentally friendly resort.  This will:
1. Dramatically increase the value of each token
2. Provide revenues (from villa sales) to be shared pro-rata with all token holders
3. Provide ongoing revenue from the resort operations


Pre-sale Price until February 28, 2021 is .10 cents per TIRC token.   
From March 1st, the token price will increase to .20 cents per TIRC token.


In Q2, we will be listed on an exchange.


Where are we on the Roadmap?  We are a few months ahead of our scheduled goals.  We have just delivered
the entire Master Plan for the resort.  Every step we take forward, means building further value
in the ‘TinagaIslandResort’ (TIRC) token for our fellow owners.

Security Token

The TinagaIslandResort (TIRC) security token is the first of its kind in Asia and
one of the first few commercial properties to be tokenised.

For Media and/or Investor Relations inquiries:  

Dennis Burns


Email: [email protected]


Tel +1 (567) 237-4132